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Ankara’s Garbage is Shining - Selin Güngör

Did you know that 1 kg of waste is produced per day per person? What happens to all these wastes every day? Mamak Garbage Biogas Power Facilities is a success story which proceeds a journey from garbage to electricity and food (TRT).

Mamak Garbage Biogas Power Facilities was established in 2006. The facility also uses the heat produced in the greenhouse of Mamak Integrated Solid Waste Management facility to grow tomato, cucumber, strawberry, eggplant, pepper, potato and orchid without any hormones or pesticides but bees are commonly used in the greenhouse. Nevertheless, it is not considered as organic food since soilless an agricultural method is used.

First of all, garbage has a selection process. Recyclable products are pressed and sent to recycling. Organic products (kitchen waste) are fermented in tanks. Organic waste causes methane gas emission in fermentation tanks, and this gas is stored in gas holders which are used to produce electricity in energy production plants. While converting methane gas to electricity, carbon dioxide arises, and it is sent to a greenhouse to wipe it out.

Some portion of organic waste is used as fertilizer to support agriculture in the region. Besides, the electricity produced from methane gas in Mamak can feed up to 140 thousands of houses which contributes to 2.4% of the electricity consumption in Ankara (TRT). The warmth arising from electricity production is used to warm greenhouse. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aims to construct such a facility in other districts (Milliyet). Your lights in living room may come from yesterday’s dinner (Climate Neutral Group).


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