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Podcast Channels on Energy Topics - Gökberk Bilgin

In the energy sector, due to rapid changes in situations, publications become quickly irrelevant even before they have published. To overcome this problem, one of the methods is to stream podcasts about recent topics.

Bilkent Energy Policy Research Center has its podcast channel. Serkan Şahin and Hakan Berument discuss the energy news and technical aspects of the crude oil sector with professionals on the market. Up to now, they have published nine different podcasts that are in Turkish and around 35 minutes long. You can listen to them at

Barış Sanlı initiates another important Turkish energy podcast channel from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey. Sanlı started to publish podcasts in September 2019 and up to now, published 12 podcasts that include discussions of energy topics with the leading energy experts in the Turkish energy sector. On average, the podcasts are 20 minutes long and can be listened to at

On the global level, one of the most active podcast channels is the Columbia Energy Exchange initiated by the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. In this channel, climate, energy, and environmental issues are being discussed with the academicians, professionals, and other experts.

Nearly 200 podcasts are starting from 2015 that includes book reviews, paper presentations, comments on trends in energy policies. You can access this channel at

Other than Columbia University, MIT Energy Initiative, and The Oxford Institute For Energy Studies also offer similar services. You can also check these channels at the following links, and

Finally, if you look for a less academic perspective, you can follow the podcast series of Platts Global at that focuses on the market insights mostly.

Overall, if you intend to extend your knowledge on the energy topics, listening podcasts might be a good starting point. Most of them are easy to follow and contains enormous amounts of information that are presented compactly.


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