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Enerji Analiz - Ali Barışcan Kaya & Ekin Yüksel

The necessities of the age that we are in have brought along many different business and training methods. In this case, it has become very important to follow the continuous change and development that occurs with the effect of digitalization. Enerji Analiz aims to respond mainly to these requirements in social media accounts and training simulation.

The basic concepts shared from Enerji Analiz YouTube channel are explained; Daily bulletins containing power plant-based daily generation data, relevant day-ahead market and balancing power market data, and up-to-date news explain the fundamental concepts and latest developments. In addition, videos are prepared by coming together with people who have experience in energy and other related sectors. In this way, instead of providing only technical information on the mentioned issues, the comments, inferences, and experiences of the competent people are also conveyed to the relevant people. In particular, academic studies are tried to be highlighted on energy efficiency, storage, hydrogen, and climate change.

On the training simulation side, it enables individuals to learn the dynamics and functioning of the sector during the recruitment and orientation stages in the human resources processes of companies in the energy sector. At the same time, it is aimed to place the most suitable candidate in the right position by measuring their adaptability, competence, and motivation.

Considering the new generation training that we have experienced with the pandemic, the simulation can be applied not only in the recruitment and training process but also at the university level before. With a few weekends of seminars, students will come together online to experiment with simulation, thereby learning the basic concepts of the energy market while also realizing whether they are interested in this industry.

In the content of the simulation, users will be able to experience the technical characteristics, operating principles, basic needs for generating electricity, and external factors affecting their production in this platform as in real life. The technical specifications of the power plants will include their installed power, unit energy generation costs, availability times, and capacity factors. Due to the different operating principles of hydroelectric, thermal, and renewable energy-oriented power plants, users should be able to understand the working principles and efficiency of these power plants. They will be able to offer the hourly generation amounts and prices of the power plants in the markets within the scope of the electricity trade. In this way, a price can be determined at times of supply and demand.

Financial analysis and tables will be presented to users for each of these returns. The simulation will serve as a web-based software platform. Each user/team will have an account.

Because there are no direct energy production and trading models and simulations in Turkey's software market, our new software-based simulation model will be the first in the energy and education sectors. In the international arena, although there is no platform with exactly the same functions of the simulation to be developed, it will also be an original and new product on an international scale. Nowadays, since there are presentation-based processes where the users try to learn the production and trade of electricity only by listening to the instructors in classroom trainings, they can only learn the types and features of the power plants in these training processes. Today, within the scope of business management simulation, there are simulation platforms of Capsim and Iosim companies. Periodic trainings are organized on these platforms. However, no information is given about energy specific to users.

The simulation, which is expected to bring the anticipated solutions to the aforementioned problems, is planned to be tested with volunteer participants and turned into entrepreneurship after taking its final form according to the feedbacks.


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