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EPRC Volunteers Designs Energy Policies For A Better World - Gökberk Bilgin

Nowadays, if you visit the A building at Bilkent University, you will encounter many people studying energy issues in the Energy Policy Research Center (EPRC) very hardly. Since we could not fit 52 volunteers and one cat, Cobb-Douglas, to our office, we spread all around the building.

Starting from June, people from various departments such as economics, political science, and engineerings collaborated to resolve the ongoing energy issues both in the national and global level. The volunteers worked on nearly 15 different projects that required the attention of the world. The interdisciplinary structure of the team provided different perspectives on developing solutions. When the lack of experience arose, the volunteers received support from government officials and other experts from different parts of the energy sector.

Even the adaptation process was severe at the beginning; our volunteers managed to learn the structure in the energy sector rapidly and created new information by combining their resources. During the summer period, up to now, we have published seven different energy notes and made three separate presentations. Işık Zeynep Cebe, Dilay Alpaydın, and Eylül Özsoy proposed Nigerian gas to reach Europe in the note named An Alternative Pipeline To Europe From Nigeria: Bilkent Gas Pipeline Project. Volkan Aslanoğlu, Esin Poyrazoğlu, Muhammed Aykan Koçak, and Gökberk Çolakoğlu, on the other hand, worked on the Iranian sanctions and its effects on Turkey’s supply security.

In some studies, our volunteers and specialists from the professional world worked together. Ebru Selderesi and Barış Sanlı from the Ministery of Energy and Natural Resources worked on the Electricity Production and Consumption in Turkey Change in Weight Balance Point: 2016-2018 Period.

Besides the publications in Bilkent Energy Notes, three groups made presentations on their topics. Aria İdil Kadirli and Sıla Sofuoğlu made a presentation on the supporting mechanisms of renewable energy systems. Hilal Taşkan made a presentation about the structure of the Russian energy companies and their future goals. Finally, Alpcan Efe Gencer, Javid Hasanzade, and Muhammed Saad Rasool made a presentation about the alternative energy projects in the Caucasian region for the supply security of the European countries.

In the upcoming weeks, we are going to publish more of our studies, and we will make additional presentations. You can get the latest news from our social media accounts and


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