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News From Bilkent EPRC - Gökberk Bilgin

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bilkent Energy Policy Research Center continues to produce valuable content for the energy sector and other related areas by inviting international guests through online events. Up to now, we have made three open lectures and six YouTube videos.

Our last event was about the financialization of the energy markets, and we discussed the role of speculations on energy prices. All of our content is available online.

This week at our Center, we will have a busy week. On Tuesday morning, we will share the new video of Synergy Gündemi, where we discuss the current situation in the oil market. Bahattin Büyükşahin and Sohbet Karbuz will be joining us.

On Tuesday evening we will have another live event for the Energy Crisis and World of Energy course.

The CEO of Rapidan Energy and the author of the Crude Volatility, Robert McNally, will join us to discuss the recent events on the oil market and whether there are similarities with the COVID crisis and previous crisis. In the lecture, we will also discuss the future of the post-Corona world in terms of energy.

In his book, McNally discusses the development of the oil sector under two parts. In the first part, he focuses on the history of oil in the United States and how Texas become the power of controlling oil supply until the 1960s.

In the second part, McNally discusses the development of OPEC countries and how they become the global oil cartel throughout the years.

Finally, this week we will also publish a new Bilkent Energy Note, which is #27. Bekir Onay Güngör, Hasan Murat Ertuğrul, and Uğur Soytaş investigate the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on Turkish Gasoline and Diesel Demand by using the data from Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey.

The report will be published in English initially, and the Turkish translation will be posted in the upcoming days.


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