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The Protector of the Amazon Rainforests - Salih Efe Kahramaner

Different scenarios widely debate the elimination of the world, undoubtedly, said that the possible ending of the world parallel in the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest called as "Lungs" of the whole world. Averagely speaking, Amazon rainforests receive a minimum of 1750-2000 mm rains annually. They have to distinguish biological diversity with exceptional plants, animals, and other lives assist in declining from air pollution by emitting existing carbon dioxide in the air and providing raw materials international sectors from pharmacy to the food supply. Amazon rainforests located in the Amazon Basin, including (Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, etc.) around 5,000,000 m2 comprise 20% O2, which is prominent for alive in the world. Besides this, Amazon rainforests carrying out utmost importance for impacting Global warming. The increasing amount of Green gas in the atmosphere derived from human activities is speeding up global warming. However, Being capacity to emit carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is balancing and determining global climate.

Unfortunately, although the short case effect of the Covid-19 on the Global Warming crisis, last decade was recorded as the hottest "Decade" around 1.25 celsius. In that situation, the protection of the Amazon rainforests represents an essential turning point for combating Global Warming and stabilizing climate change. Nevertheless, unlike the preservation of those, the number of threads is increasing towards the elimination of the Amazon Rainforest progressively.

Amazon Basin is mostly preferred due to hosting a comprehensive range of biodiversity and obtaining compatible lands for international trade sectors. Notably, the amazon rainforest was devastated by construction and mining companies. To exploit rich underground resources, companies are establishing Energy powerhouses. Therefore, the ecological system cannot be functioning properly, and its adverse effect on climate inevitable. Besides the detrimental effect on the global climate, we do not underestimate that the damaging amazon forest also destroys local tribes living in Amazon for decades. The Waorani tribe, who lived in Ecuador's rainforests, were in danger of being dismissed from their home until the "Eco-friendly hero" Nemonte Nenquiumo saved both her family and "the world."

Waorani tribe has existed in the Ecuador territories in Pastaza province; rain forests contain one of the most prosperous natural national parks in Yasuni in terms of biological diversity and distinguish wildlife. Until the invading of the American people of Waorani lands in 1958, they were in a vacuum. Since that year, the Waorani people have been combating logging, mining activities, damming, and further challenges.

A short time ago, in 2019, the Ecuador government official put Waorani's rainforests around 40,000 m2 up for sale for the drilling oil. However, the Ecuador Government's unauthorized and inadmissible decision towards Woarani's lands could not foresee profound reflection from the Waorani people led by Nemonte Nenquimo.

Nemonte becomes an activist and leader of the Waorani people to defend their rights and forests against government decisions. She passionately believed that Waorani's lands fulfill a prominent role in living Waorani people and prevent radical harms on climate like global warming, as mentioned above. For this matter, instantly, Nemonte initiated to launch of the campaign against Ecuadorean officials' judgments. Nemonte gained substantial attention from all over the world; around 400,000 individuals signed her campaign called "Our rainforest is not for sale." With the help of the worldwide supporters and Waorani people, Ms. Nemonte takes Ecuadorean decisions on rainforests to law. She is responsible for prohibiting the utilization of oil and other energy resources and any possible risks in the long term.

Fortunately, The majority of the Ecuadorean officials decide in favor of the Waorani people. Concerning decision content taken by judges, any actions posing serious threats for local tribes and the ecological system cannot be practiced. Besides, the case guaranteed Waorani's land rights for any prudential decisions versus them. Undeniable, Ms. Nemonte's victory created reactions both domestically and cross-nationally. In 2020, Ms. Nemonte was rewarded by giving Goldman Environmental a prize due to her growth activism to preserve an average of 500,000 acres of land from oil drilling. Considering Ms. Nemonte's activism can be seen as a minor step on a local scale, but it's not. Frankly speaking, "Eco-friendly hero" Nemonte demonstrates to the world that "our" planet has to defend against detrimental interferences. People will no longer deal with global warming and climate change if people take responsibility for transferring the planet as preserved to future generations.


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